Samuel Proffitt and Khai take us on an electrifying emotional rollercoaster with “Sladky”

The wavy, introspective Coldplay-esque productions of newcomer Samuel Proffitt are nothing short of tear-jerking. The first single from his upcoming EP, Blue Notebook No. 10, "Sladky" features Texan singer/songwriter Khai and a gang of perfectly layered synthetic airy soundscapes. The side-chained analogue revolutions in the background make for great melody support, and the soft-pressed grand piano lines go well with the rain samples.

We're looking forward to more electrifying tunes from Blue Notebook, available soon. You can grab "Sladky" free on Facebook now.


POLYAMORY – “Black Skinhead VS Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Kanye vs Lorde)”

It’s safe to say that this is the first time you’ve come across POLYAMORY, an Australian duo we know absolutely nothing about, save for a couple sonic indications that have persuaded us enough to expect immense future endeavors. With a lone Facebook like, and minimal plays on their sole published piece, now would be the best time to familiarize yourself with this peculiar band.

Their first piece is a mashup of Kanye’s “Black Skinhead” and Lorde’s “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, and the result is more than engaging, as the duo lets Kanye’s beat ride beside Lorde’s vocals, giving the track a truly distinctive character. Mashups don’t often fascinate us, but the adeptness on this one certainly caught us by surprise, and besides that, it’s the group’s perplexing identity that’s us increasingly intrigued with what they’re all about.

Before POLYAMORY dropped this mashup, they shared a rather riveting video (with some of their original work playing in the backdrop from what we surmised), vaguely introducing themselves without telling us who they really are, , and their sound—certainly enrapturing—has left us in serious anticipation of what’s in store for the two going forward. Very rarely do you see artists dropping mashups and clips well before any originals of their own, and this has oddly driven us to introduce you to what duo we think will work wonders in the days to come.

Kitty Cash drops ‘Love The Free Vol. II’ mixtape [Download]

Over the last year or so we’ve seen the R&B scene explode both in the US and the UK. Kitty Cash – aka Cachée Livingston – is a Brooklyn DJ bringing us distinctive R&B in the form of her most recent collaborative mixtape, Love The Free Vol. II.

Kitty Cash’s career started to gain momentum when she became Kilo Kish’s official DJ and toured with UK producer SBTRKT in 2012. This latest release is a follow up to her impressive debut mixtape Love The Free, which was released exclusively via Vogue, in December 2013. That mixtape featured the likes of Kelela, Vic Mensa and Jean Deaux, all whom have gone on to release some prominent works this year.

Love The Free Vol. II features some of the UK’s current stars: Lil Simz, Rainy Milo, and Bipolar Sunshine, among many other talented artists, such as mini indie-R&B gem Willow Smith. The collection covers everything from bassy hip-hop to experimental electro, with every form of R&B in between. The most dominant tracks are by Wynter Gordon, Lil Simz and JunglePussy; although every track is worthy. The mixtape is a delight from start to finish, and I’m pretty sure Kitty Cash is going to be sticking around for awhile.

Love The Free Vol. II is available for free download and stream from Soundcloud:

Listen to Remy Banks’ Quick-Fire New Track “Confessions Of Cool” Produced by Jansport J

remy banks confessions of cool Listen to Remy Banks Quick Fire New Track Confessions Of Cool Produced by Jansport J“Confessions of a cool/ a cool motherfucker,” Remy Banks spits on the hook of his new track “Confessions of Cool” produced by Jansport J. Indeed, Remy, you and the track sound pretty damn cool to my ears, what with the brevity of the track and all. Yeah, I like short songs sometimes, especially on days like this when not a lot is dropping and I’m more focused on listening to full albums, soundtracks, etc… It’s nice to break those up with a quick listen like “Confessions,” especially when it’s this rad. Props to Jansport J for being a West Coast cat who can throw down an ill NYC-ish instrumental, too. Lovin’ the way it complements Remy’s flow. Word to ODB, too.

You can stream the track below.

Yolke – Waves

Sounds like: Orbits, Erasers, All in the Golden Afternoon

Song: Yolke - Waves

What's so good?

Australian four-piece Yolke have come a long way since their 2010 debut. The band's latest EP, Real Memories, is a sharp, heavy, and somewhat haunting slice of electronic rock that refuses to be ignored. Featured track "Waves" touches all the right psychedelic notes, while basking in the ambient and experimental nature of Yolke's bedroom roots. Credit to Melbourne-based collective Fallopian Tunes for supporting such unique vibes.  Fans can stream Yolke's Real Memories EP in full on Fallopian Tune's Bandcamp.

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HONNE – Warm On A Cold Night

Sounds like: Chet Faker, Pablo Nouvelle, Hoodlem

Song: HONNE - Warm On A Cold Night

What's so good?

Picking up 100k plays on your debut single is certainly a good way to enter the game. Top that off with coverage from somewhere around 20 blogs, and you're probably flying pretty high. Fortunately for HONNE, this is exactly how things played out on their new single "Warm On A Cold Night." Of course, success like this is never a surprise to everyone: HONNE are signed to Super Recordings, a record label that also represents the likes of AlunaGeorge and Bondax. They clearly saw something special here, and will be releasing the track on September 1st. If you're keen to stay in the loop, be sure to follow this UK act on SoundCloud.

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Cosmonaut Grechko – Luv

Sounds like: Tensnake, Julian Maverick

Song: Cosmonaut Grechko - Luv

What's so good?

There's always that moment -- maybe it happens while reminiscing your favorite tunes. You come across an artist that you just adore, one with talents unmatched, whose music continues to make you feel amazing... and you realize you haven't heard any new material from them in a while. Maybe you turn your heart to the skies and put the hope out there that there will be more.  Cosmonaut Grechko is one of those artists, at least for me. As is happens, I was diving back into his material last week, sharing it with a friend who then discovered equally amazing things about Grechko. And I put that a hope out there. Given that this young Russian is a Cosmonaut, he must have heard my call in the cosmos because he's back with a brand new release and it's just as stellar as anything you'd expect from him. What's more, it's free for download! Snag it, add it to your collection and keep those good Cosmonaut vibes going. It's all "Luv" baby, and "More." 

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Paperwhite – Take Me Back

Sounds like: Pure Bathing Culture, HAERTS

Song: Paperwhite - Take Me Back

What's so good?

I've been searching high and low for a good track to feature as today's Song of the Day, and finally -- after what seemed like an eternity -- one fell in my lap. Paperwhite are no strangers to Indie Shuffle; we've jumped on practically every single one of their releases in the last year, and with good reason. So, it's little surprise that their newest single "Take Me Back" once again proves that the Brooklyn-based duo are onto something special. If you dig it, be sure to download your copy here.

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#1 Dads – So Soldier (Ft. Ainslie Wills)

Sounds like: Sharon Van Etten, The War on Drugs, Cat Power

Song: #1 Dads - So Soldier (Ft. Ainslie Wills)

What's so good?

With a new album out shortly, Tom Iansek's #1 Dads project is back with another great tune. Finding time between Big Scary's hugely taxing schedule as well as his own growing production portfolio (Step-Panther, Airling, Hockey Dad), he's enlisted the assistance of fellow Melbourne artist Ainslie Wills on the album's second single, "So Soldier." What stands out from the start is this track's noticeable difference to earlier single "Return To." The icy piano and mournful vocals have been replaced by a much more guitar-driven track, which makes use of Wills' warm tones to perfection. Really, the only similarity is in the quality of the two singles, making the upcoming album release all the more intriguing. There's a lovely smokiness to this track, and a sense of assured simplicity which emanates throughout the track's backbone.  #1 Dads' About Face LP is due out on Friday, August 8 via Pieater/Inertia, and it's shaping up as an absolute must if the early signs are right.

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Buffy Sainte-Marie – Little Wheel Spin And Spin

Sounds like: Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom, Joan Baez

Song: Buffy Sainte-Marie - Little Wheel Spin And Spin

What's so good?

Every so often, I come across a song that I'm amazed I haven't heard before. They're generally the timeless kind that could have been written yesterday or forty years ago.  In this case, it's the latter. Buffy Sainte-Marie is one of those stalwarts of the folk movement that gathered so much popularity in the 60s, known for her distinctive vibrato and eminent lyricism.  Part Canadian and part Cree (a Native American tribe), she also worked closely with other notable names in folk such as Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger, among others. Like so many folk songs of the era, "Little Wheel Spin and Spin" is a quietly powerful piece with a subtle and sharp sociopolitical message that still rings true today.  Throughout the song, Sainte-Marie's feathery finger-picking and delicate voice seem to become steadily more urgent without actually gaining in force, which only adds to its captivating and hypnotic allure.

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Dream Circle – So Many Things (A-Frillz 4:20 Remix)

Sounds like: Anushka, Zongo Junction, Flying Lotus

Song: Dream Circle - So Many Things (A-Frillz 4:20 Remix)

What's so good?

Dream Circle is a trio of musicians and new-age thinkers based out of Brooklyn. Manifesting their thoughts into creation, Dream Circle has built their own indie imprint, Unemployable Music, as a platform for their sounds.  They've released a debut album, Lost Art, and along the way announced a remix contest for their standout cut "So Many Things." They are gearing up to release an eight-track EP of remixes for "So Many Things," and the lead single comes courtesy of a budding young producer from Calgary, A-Frillz.  Check out the rest of the remixes on Dream Circle's Bandcamp. 

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Hooray For Earth – Racy

Sounds like: Weezer, The Big Pink, The Title Sequence

Song: Hooray For Earth - Racy

What's so good?

Reviews of Hooray For Earth's second album, Racy, suggest that the Brooklyn outfit would do better if they swerved away from convention. However, by the evidence of the title track, convention suits them like comfortable shoes. Similarly, the evocative title is not matched by the style of the track. Instead we are given something far more nostalgic, with a slow 4/4 beat letting you know exactly what is to come from Hooray For Earth. This isn't just your typical rock ballad -- there are many stages to this song. The opening of "Racy" suggests something more far-out than what it eventually becomes. Soon, though, it thrusts you into the arms of a stadium rock song, but immediately zooms out to something more low key. While this doesn't last long, the melody is not predictable, and is easy to sing back. This is a good combination, and proves just as effective on a large scale. The song feels fairly light on its feet (in a good way), and doesn't appear labored, like so many songs in this style can be. The addition of starry, futuristic sound effects could have been a mistake, but is more NASA than naff. Indeed, what could have been a thoroughly unconvincing song has avoided all the possible pitfalls to come up with something really rather good.   If the critics think Hooray For Earth's latest offering is rather too mainstream for their liking, so be it. It's true, we haven't yet seen the birth of a new indie superpower. What we have, though, is a catchy song with a good chorus that will keep you entertained this summer.

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