[Melodic Dubstep] Crywolf – Eyes Half Closed

When it comes to originality and emotive resonance, Crywolf is our go-to artist whenever we desire some peace of mind. There isn’t a single song of his that doesn’t make us want to call up our exes and cry them a river about how important they used to be at one point in time. Well, maybe not all of us, but that’s the kind of feel we’re going for right now.

Yesterday, Crywolf pierced our hearts with an earth-shattering new original track titled “Eyes Half Closed.” We decided to listen to this one with our eyes closed to see if it made any difference in our analysis; not only did this song trigger an influx of tears to pour out from underneath our eyes, but it also gave us a moment to collect ourselves and let the lyrics seep into our souls. Crywolf’s soothing voice, accompanied by the remarkable production techniques, are the driving force of this song. Each melodic breakdown sends us all into a state of melancholic nostalgia in which we ponder every pivotal moment of our lives up until this point in life. We recommend grabbing the box of tissues for this one, because you might encounter a heavy dose of some serious feels.

Crywolf generously decided to give this single out for free in lieu of his upcoming EP, Angels, that will be out on April 29th. “Eyes Half Closed” is just one of six songs off the stellar album, which promises to change the way you listen to music from here on out. So turn up the volume, close your eyes, and drift off into a state of elation.

Grillz – “Icare”

We’re not sure how we keep coming across these super-smooth producers from overseas, but we’re going to ride alongside the wave for as long as physically possible, because the sounds they’re brining over have been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve too long a list of individuals to prove our point, so instead of reminiscing, we’re going to look towards a relative unknown, Grillz, to further our appreciation for the aforementioned international finds.

“Icare”, the French producer’s latest worldwide offering, and the opening track on Emincé De Musique‘s latest compilation, Echoes, reeks amazingly of alternative soul, and the sheer amount of instrumental energy exuded on it is something to truly behold. It’s impassioned guitar, sublime piano, and pitch-perfect electronic percussion paving its sonic way, and while we wish the effort would’ve lasted just a bit longer, we’re easily satisfied with what vibes it manages to effortlessly give off.

Adrian Lux – “Sooner Or Later” ft. Kaelyn Behr

Adrian Lux just put out a new EP called Make Out, and if you were at all on the fence about getting it, then listen to this single and try to resist. Chances are high that you’re going to be itching for more after you set your ears on “Sooner Or Later”, which features the vocal brilliance of Kaelyn Behr.

The intro to the track is one of the most beautiful we’ve heard in a while, and it just keeps getting better from there, amazingly. The bulk of the song sits pretty firmly within the house genre, but there is so much more going on that it would be a disservice to try to shoehorn the music into just one category. The presented vocals are crisp and expansive, and the beat and production work do a fantastic job keeping intact the aural euphoria. The bass hits pretty hard in some areas, and the weight it adds to the piece is a welcomed addition, but Adrian does a good job diversifying the listening experience, and you never get the impression that one element of the piece is overshadowing another. For every low, rumbling boom, there is some sort of complimentary sound on the upper end of the spectrum that balances everything out, and because of this, ”Sooner Or Later” emerges as a finely tuned soul machine.

[NEW] Lykke Li – Gunshot

In the spirit of Sweden, churning out the tunes, Lykke Li returns with another preview taken from forthcoming album, I Never Learn, set for release via LL/Atlantic Records on May 5th.

A long way from subtle symptoms of sadness, Lykke Li puts her heart where her mouth is; aligning nauseating melancholia with raw euphoria. Anguish overlaying a granular and chalky piano piece: “Gunshot” is lifted by its emotionally honest and variable vocal, echoing the vigorous yearning expressed circa 2011 track “Jerome.” Surprisingly, this version of desolation is dressed in danceable vibes, accompanied by a beat last spotted in 80′s power ballad rapture.

Existing alongside the energy is the sound of regretful affliction. Its pop sentiment subsiding to the poignant sing of ‘wide awake, while you’re not here’ and ‘I really loved you bad’ to the resonating sound of love lost, in the simplistic sentiment, ‘I’ll never get you back’.

The soundscape to your longing, “Gunshot” will open old wounds, and etch it’s meaning on anyone harbouring regretful and remorseful heart break.

You can find a stream for the single, along with its lyrics here.

Tomas Barfod mistifies “Reverse” by SomeKindaWonderful

 SomeKindaWonderful's hit single, "Reverse", is taken on by the elusive Tomas Barfod. The original has been getting an immense amount of attention through popular media outlets and online. "Reverse" is the single from SomeKinda Wonderful's next album, set for sometime this summer on Downtown Records. Tomas Barfod remains relatively low key as a producer making vibrantly structured music. Working together, all the musicians collide on a summer infused remix of ecstatic lyrics and a bouncy melody. Tomas Barfod's mix of a sun-dyed rhythm and slowly paced beat are just what you need to relax on any occasion. So check out the track below and lay down those dreary eyelids as you're moved from where ever you are into eternal meditation.

Ashanti – “Hey Baby” (TYCE Remix)

Summer tracks have been the central theme over the past couple of weeks but so has the emergence of some fresh talent, as Dutch resident TYCE makes his debut on HD. Thijs Van Middelaar seems to take a liking to those vintage R&B vibes as he drops a glistening remix of Ashanti’s “Hey Baby”. Keeping key elements of the original, Thijs manipulates Ashanti’s vocals to accompany a slick fusion of hip-hop and house vibes. After the flamboyant trap-influence remix of Omarion, TYCE is already portraying a charismatic style as he glides through several genres quite comfortably.

Fill your “Hollow Heart” with Silverbird’s uplifting instrumentals

New York indie singer and songwriter, Tim Barr, first recruited the talents of bassist Corey Davis, lead guitarist Dan Whaley, and drummer Jacob Schuab in hopes of transforming his one-man band into a four-piece live ensemble. Currently operating as Silverbird, the band incorporates lo-fi vocal treatment with the low roar of jazzy bass and melodic backing pads to create a ghostly musical climate that calms even the most haywire nerves. The track "Hollow Heart" off their EP Surface Life is a perfect example of what their style is all about.

Grab a listen to the other tracks on the EP here, and be sure to catch them play the next time you're in NYC.

Hermitude – “Ukiyo”

Hermitude have managed to draw a considerable amount of attention despite no major releases in a while. And with no updates as to where the Sydney-based duo has progressed in terms of their sound, we had no idea what was in store when we clicked play on this piece. What we found though, was a sumptuously sampled vocal cut that is tossed around quite adroitly, only to be further accompanied by tightly knit drum work and some glossy, saw-like synths . This electrifying gem undeniably puts Hemitude back on the radar, as they set to tour the UK this May.

Glass Animals – “Pools”

Glass Animals are not about to let you sit on their recently released Gooey EP, for too long, because already we see the UK-creatives unleashing more new material from their upcoming debut, ZABA, that’s set for release on June 9th. Like a never ending bout of creative inspiration, Glass Animals never seem to run out of new ideas when it comes to their music. Yes, their music is unique, and recognizable, but it also never comes off as stale or boring. And as “Pools” evidently foreshadows, we suspect the rest of the album to follow suit.

[via Dazed]

Fractal goes for progressive bliss on “Itvara” [Download]

Brady Wiggins could be the face of the generation of producers who live in a post-genre musical existence as Fractal. With the ability to seamlessly intertwine dubstep, glitch, progressive, trance and electro house stylings, he is clearly a product of the newest electronic music school. While much of what we've seen from the American producer's repertoire is in the dubbier arena, today with the help of Monstercat he's let a full on progressive electronica track loose and it's more than lovable, not just because it's up for free download. With electro peaking through piano progressions and some angelic vocals, "Itvara" really solidifies Fractal's future in my mind, and I can't wait to see what combination he takes to the lock of genre next.

Hundred Waters – “Xtalk”

Hundred Waters are gearing up to release their sophomore album, The Moon Rang Like A Bell, on May 27th via OWSLA. The new single, released today, “Xtalk”, follows up the previously released, “Cavity” and “Down From The Rafters“, that have racked-up a combined 320k plays on SoundCloud over the past month. The LA band now looks towards the effortless charm of “Xtalk” to do the same, as we creep closer to the release of their new body of work. If you pre-order the album now, you will be given the aforementioned tracks ahead of its release.

“Elevate” with Hunt For The Breeze’s latest remix of St. Lucia

Faysal Matin aka Hunt For The Breeze is no stranger to impressive remixes. Some of you may remember his steamy Valentine's Day remix of "Drunk In Love" we posted a while back or his twerk-friendly edit of Justin Bieber's "Confident." Today, the young Virginian brings us another creation: his take on "Elevate" by St. Lucia.

Matin reels St. Lucia's bold pop stylings into familiar territory, a place almost no producer is heading toward right now. A glossy progression and rigid hand claps highlight a sound that is instinctively his own. I'll also go ahead and say that Hunt For The Breeze is the best chopman around. Anywhere. Period. He effortlessly dissects vocal samples into a melodic array of sounds that is anything but contrived. The end result is a track so unique I struggle to classify it under a specific genre.

 With several exciting projects in his sights, get used to hearing the name "Hunt For The Breeze"; he's next.

Stream the "Elevate" remix below and pick up a download here.


St. Lucia

"Elevate" (Hunt For The Breeze Remix)

  • Self-released
  • April 7, 2014

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