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Brooklyn’s crown jewel AYER releases his new single ‘Black Diamond’ and it is another gem of a track that follows perfectly in the footsteps of ‘Circle Down’ and ‘Young’.

The track is available for download on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/black-diamond-single/id867711176.
Get your streaming fix of all 3 class tracks from AYER below:







Following the off the wall debut release Horizons/Rapture via…

Following the off the wall debut release Horizons/Rapture via Blood & Biscuits in April, The Physics House Band present Horizons/Rapture: Remixed.

This remixed extended player is a journey of joyous re-discovery, crafted by 7 forward thinking artists/producers including Ital Tek, Three Trapped Tigers, My Panda Shall Fly, The Soft, AKDK, Luo & Teej, all delivering their own interpretations of The Physics House Band’s widely revered debut EP.

“We’re all into a lot of different styles of electronic music and were eager to hear other people re-imagine the themes we’d created on Horizons/Rapture. As it’s instrumental music it was very easy for people to do so without feeling like they had to retain a main hook. The process was simple ’ here’s some sounds, do what you will ‘…and it’s amazing to see what people delivered. We’ve got some friends on there…and also some amazing electronic producers we love including Ital Tek and My Panda Shall Fly.” - TPHB

Horizons/Rapture: Remixed is out now courtesy of Brighton-based label KLDSCP. Get it for free now on Bandcamp.

ObeliskMonolith (AKDK’s Getafix mix) ? download

Hollow Mountain (Luo remix) ? download

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Wilfred Giroux Remix)


I’d swear I’d posted this one already.  I must have been sleep blogging again.  This mix from Wilfred Giroux (who we are loving right now) is sublime. In fact, this couldn’t be any more sublime even if we were captaining a yellow submarine in a sea of limes.

Sam Smith is having a bonza 2014 and this remix adds some extra house to the repertoire.  Elevate yourself with this track.



Whilst we are at it, you should also check out the Mixmag exclusive Wilhem remix of Wilfred Giroux’s track ‘Stronger’ just in case it slipped under your radar.  Quality!






Artist Remixed concludes Justice’s feature [Part 2]

Artist Remixed is back to bring you the milky manipulations of your favourite singles. From the increase in bedroom producers there has been an even bigger increase in remixes. Artists are now making entire EP's and LP's devoted purely to remixes, something unheard of just a decade ago. One search on Soundcloud for an original piece of work leaves you strolling through pages of unfinished productions and poorly structured remixes. Yet, out of all the mashups, edits, screw ups, and improvements there is still gold to be found. Artist Remixed is your guide to bring you straight to the cream. Why search through pages and pages when EARMILK can sift through the dross for you? This weekly feature will showcase old and new artists of all genres, yet never an original piece. Artist Remixed was created to show you bedroom producers of all genres to feed your hunger. This week Artist Remixed features Justice. It will be split into two weeks with the last segment including remixes from Gaspard and Xavier's second album, Audio Video Disco. Enjoy.

Artist Remixed - Justice [Part 1] can be seen here. 



Anthology is defined as a collection of works sorted by a compiler. To start this behemoth list off, Horalion's mashup acts as an introduction into Justice's most recent music. This minimix uses the darker tones of Audio Disco Video and combines them with the captivating lyrics of singles like "Civilization" and "On'n'On". One of the most  accepted changes on Justice's second album was the use of instruments, which the duo had taken years to make sure sounded just right for each track.  Horalion goes completely opposite that and manages to turn a collection of tracks from Audio Video Disco into an electro hit. This was one of the most disappointing changes on the second album, there was a lack of classic Justice energy.  



What's had our heads banging all along is that pounding, pounding, electronic music. Keep on banging. Prepare your  mind for Q.G's audio assault, as he annihilates the main riff on "Civilization". This track starts strikingly similar to the original, but lashes into an aggressive shake down. Giving you a break from the chaos for a brief moment, Para One tackles "Audio, Video, Disco" in a softer side of techno. Blaster concludes this heavy category with a thrashing electro fuse of "Civilization" and pure energy. This final track is a roller coaster through Justice's sound.  

Download: Justice - Civilization (Q.G. remix)

Download: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco (Para One Remix)

Download: Justice - Civilization (Blaster Remix)



Progressive house usually is the cause of inner excellence vibes at concert, this section hopes to have you relive that moment with uplifting remixes. The first remix is from DallasK and Nymz, too producers who collide majorly on a suspenseful redo of "Audio, Video, Disco". 

Download: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco (Dallask and Nymz Remix)



Between dance and disco, summer and spring, fresh and vibrant, you'll start your day right with these uplifting tracks that make you want to move. The Blisters Boyz start the dance section off with an energetic spin on "Newlands". The remix has a bouncy beat that combines a new melody with a funky riff. INDIEKID creates a completely new atmosphere on "Civilization", by turning it into a climatic track with an interesting use of the vocals. A-Trak delivers a heavy, synth stabbing, gut crunching, remix that acts as a perfect transition to the gloomy side of dance. At about half way, there is a brilliant mix of the main chorus of "Newlands" that paves the way right into a second, and even more aggressive, breakdown. If this doesn't have you at least grooving then no song is worthy of the dance category. 

Download: Justice - Newlands (The Blisters Boyz Remix)

Download: Justice - Civilization (INDIEKID Remix)

Download: Justice - New Lands (A-Trak Remix)



When the night takes a turn to the darker side, these remixes will help keep you above the sinister temptations and gruesome possibilities by giving you music to dance away your fears to.  It seems almost fitting that Brodinski and Gesaffelstein's remixes go hand in hand in this category. Brodinski turns "On'N'On" right on its head with distorted vocals that fade out right into a climaxing build of tension. Soon enough, the main beat hits the bass in a catastrophic structure. Gesaffelstein jumps straight to the gun with an aggressive but energetic rework of the main melody. He uses his build up as a break between the dark spurts of sound, while Brodinski goes completely opposite to build right into the chaos. 

Download: Justice - On'n'On (Brodinski Remix)

Download: Justice - Helix (Gesaffelstein Vision Remix)



From funk to disco, this section is for anything that gets your head slowly grooving before you even realize you've been hypnotized by these relaxing tunes. To begin this groovy list, brace yourself for a two minute tease from Jumping Jack Flash. This remix of "Civilization" takes the beat and completely changes the tempo into a 4beat breakdown that fades out with tension. "Ohio" is undone by Daze who turn the energetic track into a summery, feel good remix. Next is Tobokot's remix of "Audio, Video, Disco" that makes minimal shifts, but still manages to move the original in a unique way. Don Diablo has constantly sparked interest with his explicit music videos and electronic touch. This remix of "Helix" comes as a strange hybrid between funk and just a strange sounding rendition of "Helix".

Download: Justice - Civilization (Jumping Jack Flash Remix)

Download:Justice - Ohio (Daze Remix)

Download: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco (Tobotok Remix)

Download: Justice - Helix (Don Diablo Remix)



Lying on the beach, driving through the streets, still wishing it was July, these treats are just what you need to give you another rush of that summer mindset. Pyramid's remix is the one of the few remixes I could actually find of "Canon", so soak it up in the sun as much as possible. It's breezy and light electronic done with a mellow tone.  Falcon's remix is a smooth blend of the original vocals in "New Lands" that plays out on a gentle melody. Video Village take "On'n'On" and slows it down, the light guitar work near the second half really makes this track beam.

Download: Justice - Canon (Pyramid Remix)

Download: Justice - New Lands (Falcon Remix)

Download: Justice - On'n'On (Video Village Remix)



If it's instrumental, ambient, experimental, or just a strange sounding tune you'll most likely find it here, straight filtered for the interesting and artists trying new sounds. Dr.GoFast makes an electro twist of "Civilization" that completely unwinds at the half way point. Secondly, it's no surprise that Mr. Oizo takes on the Justice single in a uniquely Oizo way. If there's one character on Ed Banger Records that distinctly sticks out, it's bound to be this creative mastermind with his strange style. This remix of "Civilization" is no exception. 

Download: Justice - Civilization (Dr.GoFast Remix)

Download: Justice - Civilization (Mr. Oizo Remix)



From funky synths to choppy beats, break beat remixes are there for the moments when you need to get your groove out. If you don't remember Analphabeth from the last Artist Remixed - Justice, then might I remind you he was the mastermind behind the anthology. Analphabeth's love for Justice cannot be distinguished  as he continues to rework their signature music. He makes light work of "Ohio" in a vibrant mix of the main beat and a vocal mashup.

Download: Justice - Ohio (Analphabeth Remix)



When the verse is extended or lyrics are layered over top a beat, rap remixes always bring a separate kind of manipulation. Faisal's remix of "On'N'On" should come as a wave of relaxation for the listener. Two MC's are featured on the track, each both delivering new life over top a light rework of the original sensation. 



Made for the heavy hitting and teeth gritting juggernauts, the DnB remixes are perfect to never let you rest. System-D does not grind ravenously on the single, "Audio, Video, Disco", instead the track is slowed and chilled with a darker melody. There's brief hints of the original, but a distorted bass wipes any trace away.  

Download: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco (System-D Remix)



Whether it's two songs or a list of hits, these tracks combine artist's signature sounds together to make a mix of music. I'm still not entirely sure how this mashup came into my possession, but after a thorough search online I see that the original came from an artist by the name of Shum. The smooth mix of classic Gorillaz lyrics with the energetic tone of "Canon" is what makes this mashup so good. La Felix on the other hand, turns heads as he strikes home with a groovy mix of Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger" and "Helix". The vintage vocals are entwined in the rock melody of Justice's signature style. 

Download: Justice - Stylocanon (Unknown Mashup)

Download: Justice - Helix (La Felix Mashup)



Last but certainly never the least, we have the final track that is aimed to showcase new artists. I have to give this place to a purely magnificent rework of "Civilization" by Luxar. What gave this track my overall favourite position is the complexity and range of music genres Luxar manages to touch on. The remix starts on a completely different note with an instrumental tease of "Civilization"'s melody. There is a constant transition in a eerie way, moving as one substanial blend between deep, tech, progressive, and acid house. The lightly layered continuous build never lets you lose your motion as the vocals wash in and out. This is some amazing music from Luxar that was one of his first songs ever released, his style has only grown and expanded in ability. Now, he has an impressive 49 track library on Soundcloud for any listener to indulge in. 

Download: Justice - Civilization (Luxar Remix)

AYER – “Black Diamond”

AYER has been on a little bit of a release hiatus for the last couple of months, but apparently that doesn’t mean he’s been sitting idle, because his latest single, “Black Diamond”, is as good as anything we’ve heard from the Brooklyn-native. As on all previous works of his, the vocals steal the show, but they wouldn’t be half as impactful if they weren’t paired up with such solid production work. The introduction to it all is steeped in ’80s-style synth chords, and the beat has the perfect rhythm to it, but the real magic happens when AYER opens up the taps and launches into a sweeping chorus that’s got a little bit of everything on it. About a minute in, all the different sound layers break the surface and coalesce into a one big sonic wall that captures the mood perfectly, really embodying what AYER has been able to accomplish with his music thus far in his career. And after the second build, things get even more expansive as we’re treated to some sort of mad scientist horn section and even more polyrhythmic goodness.

If our guess is correct, then “Black Diamond” is just the beginning of another wave of great music from AYER, as well as a new chapter in his career as an artist. So while we indulge in the latest work of his, we’ll be on the lookout for more great tracks, because AYER isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

4AM wakes us up with a Zella Day “1965″ reboot [Premiere + Download]

 To say that 4AM is new to the scene would be an understatement. Born as Grant Alexander and hailing from the provincial capital city of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, the electronic artist has only been on the radar for a few months.  Recently he made a name for himself with a remix of Tim Berg's famed track "Seek Bromance", an edit that seemed to slip between progressive and deep house. This time 4AM turns his creative touches to Zella Day's recent indie ode, "1965", a track that imparts Lana Del Rey's personality through vocals that swing from emotionally forceful to almost detached.  The rework continues Alexander's vision, blending extended and powerful builds with calculated deep breaks in a wonderfully contrasting fashion. Grab the free download below and take a listen to Zella Day's original.


Zella Day - 1965 (4AM Reboot) ART (1)

Eskeerdo releases ’31 Days’ mixtape

 If you were wondering why tracks like Kanye West's "Clique" and Rihanna's "No Love Allowed" are so addictive, thank Eskeerdo. A long time ghostwriter for some of the biggest artists in the game, the Floridian musician has spent quite some time behind the scenes learning from the greats and forging valuable relationships. But now with the release of his 31 Days mixtape, he's ready to leverage those opportunities and add emcee to his long list of titles. Hosted by Don Cannon, it's that perfect mix of hard hitting street sounds, Mike WiLL Made It type club bangers and much needed throwback tracks. Esk keeps the songs short and sweet, allowing you to get that fix and appreciate the brevity of his tracks. With jams from Lil Wayne, The Notorious B.I.G, Future and even TLC, there's a piece for everyone to enjoy. Check out a sampling of the tape below and pick up the entire project for more hot verses. Also, keep on the lookout for Eskeerdo in the months to come, as he'll be performing on the Fool's Good Summer Tour.  

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