George Maple – Talk Talk

Sounds like: Pawws, Asta

Song: George Maple - Talk Talk

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George Maple is the stage name of Jess Higgs, a Sydney-sider who now calls London home. "Talk Talk" is the first release from an upcoming EP called Vacant Space. You may have heard George Maple's soulful brand of vocals before. She pops up in lots of places -- she's got solo work already under her belt, and if you're a fan of Flume's album (and umm, who isn't?), then you might recognize her vocals from one of the tracks off it, titled "Bring You Down." George Maple's body of work to date is known for its smooth and soulful vocals, with her sound often described as electro soul. This release cements that with plenty of rich and melodic vocal energy happening within an electronic backdrop. "Talk Talk" is available right now via the Australian label Future Classic. You can get it right here.

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Bombino – Amidinine

Sounds like: Tinariwen, Tamikrest

Song: Bombino - Amidinine

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For Tuareg guitarist and singer-songwriter Omara “Bombino” Moctarin, being a musician is more than a profession -- it's a lifestyle that's taken him from a government uprising in northern Niger to no. 1 on the Billboard and iTunes world charts. In the uprising, Bombino narrowly escaped death (two band members were killed) and was living in exile in Burkina Faso when he was tracked down by Boston filmmaker Ron Wyman, who had heard a cassette of his music. Wyman took Bombino back to Niger, and his 2011 album Agadez was produced there. Last year, Bombino teamed up with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach to record Nomad in Nashville, which he's touring in support of now. He took the stage at The Independent in San Francisco last night with supporting openers Waterstrider and Harry Duncan (I unfortunately missed most of the opening act).  Bombino is mesmerizing live. Even while seated in a chair, he slinks from left to right, bringing energy into his hypnotic music. Accompanied by Mauritanian bassist Djakrave Dia, guitarist and road manager Avi Salloway, and drummer Corey Wilhelm, Bombino took us through the highlights of his new album with fervor.  The live show's energy was driven by tempo changes in the tracks; a slow, acoustic opening would quickly turn into an all-out jam fest followed by chanted vocals, hand claps, and frenetic dancing by the man of the hour.  It's easy to see Dan Auerbach's influence on Bombino's overall sound -- there's a raw edge to it that recalls the psychedelic rock of the Black Keys, and there were certain guitar licks and harmonica solos that reminded me of some classic blues/bluegrass. Other times, I caught wind of tropical, surf rock undertones. Bombino's music bends genres and borders -- and even though I can't understand the lyrics, they instill a sense of unity and soul that you can easily pick up on. Truly worth checking out if Bombino is coming to your area -- I believe he's headed over to the East Coast soon, so check out dates here. 

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Salt Ashes – If You Let Me Go

Sounds like: Madonna, Kate Bush, Giorgio Moroder

Song: Salt Ashes - If You Let Me Go

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Do you ever accidentally set you alarm for PM instead of AM? Well, I did last night, and I wok up just in the nick of time to write this premiere. Salt Ashes' newest single has a very uplifting quality. That is exactly what we all need today, being that it's a Monday. Does anyone really like Mondays? (Rhetorical question.) We hear some cool stories how songs were written, but while sleeping on floors between Ibiza, New York, and Berlin is a rarity. The quality of this track makes me question that statement. If it is true, and Salt Ashes keeps putting out hits like this, she won't be sleeping on floors too long.  "If You Let Me Go" combines a bright disco style with some darker melodies, and is the perfect end of summer anthem. I almost feel wrong for saying this, but the ending riff that coincides with the drums is my favorite part. You're probably thinking that is an odd thing to point out, but it really adds a lot of replay value to me. This song will be on repeat all day for me!

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Jessie Ware – “Want Your Feeling”

There’s no question Jessie Ware‘s second album, Tough Love, is one of the year’s most anticipated releases, and with Two Inch Punch and Benny Blanco heading up the production, it’s a sure shot to be in the running for album’s of the year.

From the new body of work, we’ve already heard the title track, “Share It All“, and “Say You Love Me“, and now we’re hearing the fourth track released from the album, “Want Your Feeling”.

Led by a sitar and house-infused melodies, “Want Your Feeling” departs from the lovelorn, slow-burning ballads we’ve heard so far, and elects instead for a more upbeat tempo. It’s a nice change up from the other songs, and it’s no doubt cementing the expectation of a flawless sophomore album from Jessie.

Tough Love will be released on October 6th in the UK, and will be followed by an October 21st release date in North America. Pre-order on iTunes.

The Decemberists – Los Angeles, I’m Yours

Sounds like: Colin Meloy, Tarkio, The Shins

Song: The Decemberists - Los Angeles, I'm Yours

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It's Labor Day in the USA which means that most artists -- with an eye for the global landscape -- will hold back on any new material. The result is twofold: 1) we're left with little material to publish; 2) it's going to be hectic tomorrow. So, in an effort to lighten the mood, I've started trudging through some of my favorite artists from way back when, including The Decemberists. Hopefully you enjoy this throwback, as well!

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George Maple – “Talk Talk”

George Maple should be a name that’s familiar to most who frequent this site, and really, to new music listeners in general. Her appearances on Snakehips‘ “On & On“, Flume‘s “Bring You Down“, the posse cut, “Gripp“, with Kwes and Kilo Kish, and her two previously released singles, “Fixed” and “Uphill“, have allowed the UK-based and Australian-raised singer-songwriter to make a name for herself despite major hype and steady streams of new releases (her last single was released a year ago).

Today, that all changes, though, because her third-ever track, “Talk Talk”, is about to set the hype in motion. With pulsating, exorbitant synth work, “Talk Talk” is not just another pop song; it’s one you’re going to remember and fall in love with, because with George’s goddess-like vocal performance here, there’s no question she’s next up to the vocalist spotlight.

“Talk Talk” is being marked as first official single from Maple’s forthcoming debut EP, Vacant, that will be released via Future Classic on October 3rd. You can pre-order it now on iTunes.

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

Sounds like: Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene

Song: Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

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It's throwback Monday. Deal with it. Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" traces itself all the way back to 2005 when it was released as the second official single off Funeral. The album itself probably needs no introduction, and today still stands (in my opinion) as their best album. Hope you're having a fun labor day weekend, folks. For the rest of us outside the United States, we'll keep going about our business as usual...

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Wonder Wonder – “Body Gold”

Wonder Wonder is a fresh writing duo from London, and you’re going to absolutely love them on account of their raw and authentic sound. It’s one that’s decidedly indie-alternative in its appeal, with light, electronic-infused drums and keys backing up the two’s wavering tone, but it’s a poppy overtone to it, too, that’s going to allow listeners to sing along. You really can’t beat that combination, and the fact that it all comes in the form of Wonder’s debut effort is truly special.

Wonder Wonder will be releasing one track every month for the next year (today was the start of their artistic endeavor), and if subsequent efforts after “Body Gold” here are anywhere near as amiable as it, we’re going to be seeing a quantum leap in reception—and appreciation—for the pair.

Trentemøller’s recent album opus Lost already served as the…

Trentemøller’s recent album opus Lost already served as the logical continuation of his varied work & delivered his signature sound intact, yet it really didn’t sound like anything he’d ever produced before. Streamlined, song-structured + guitar-driven, Lost boasted a dozen tracks, each offering something of interest for anyone who has ever been a fan of the Copenhagen producer.

As original as it is classic, Lost mixed the tried-&-tested with all sorts of sonic surprises, merging the extrovert & introvert qualities the man has in his command. Also notable for being his most collaborative effort yet, Lost paired him with a vibrant & varied cast of guests - the legendary duo Low, Jonny Pierce from The Drums, Marie Fisker, Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, Jana Hunter of Lower Dens, Ghost Society + Sune Wagner of The Raveonettes.

Now the new Lost Reworks release gleefully rips up the rule book again, as Trentemøller is joined by some carefully-chosen conspirators - Toydrum (aka James Griffith + Pablo Clements of UNKLE), Jenny Wilson, T.O.M. & His Computer, Unkwon, Pinkunoizu + Trentemøller himself - in dismantling the intricate musical tapestry of the album, recon-textualising the instrumental experimentation, the trashed analog consoles, & the entire sweep of influences, from krautrock to classical.

You can listen to Lost Reworks on Soundcloud. Digital copies available now on iTunes.

Gravity (Pinkunoizu remix) ? buy

Come Undone (Trentemøller remix) ? buy



British four-piece Polarsets have announced the release of their debut album Parasols for September 21st. The first single off the album named “Madrid” is a fast-paced percussion driven pop song with some tropical guitar and scattered synth to create a wonderful summer song.

Download the first three singles or preorder the album on iTunes now.

Polarsets – Madrid

Polarsets – Parasols

Navy – Slow (Demo)

Sounds like: Turtle, Blue Boats, Titanics

Song: Navy - Slow (Demo)

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Summer's over in less than a month, which means it's time to soak up Navy's laid-back vibes before it's too late. Other than repping Canada and Sweden, the music-loving world knows little about the man called Navy. Hopefully that will change soon. "Slow" is Navy's newest demo, following last year's remix of James Blake's "Measurements." If you like either of those two tracks, you should consider following Navy on SoundCloud. Summer may be ending, but I have a feeling Navy is just getting warmed-up.

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Murlo x Novelist – Flavour

Sounds like: Preditah, Slackk, JME

Song: Murlo x Novelist - Flavour

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Last year's Monki & Friends must go down as one of the year's best free dance mixtapes, containing dance floor dynamite like Zoo Music's "Boom Sticks," among others. Fans of that (and everyone else) will be pleased to hear that the Radio 1 DJ has announced a follow-up, once again hitting the studio with a few friends for a bunch of exclusive collaborations. The simply titled Monki & Friends 2 features collaborations between the likes of Kidnap Kid with Joe Goddard and Preditah with Cause & Affect. The highlight features grime producer Murlo paired with up-and-coming MC Novelist. The duo contributes two tracks to the mixtape, the bonus track "One & Only" and mixtape highlight "Flavour," which showcases Novelist riding Murlo's playful but tough instrumental to great effect, creating a track that's both fun and serious simultaneously. You can get "Flavour," and the rest of the EP, courtesy of Red Bull.

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