Fckn Crew

With influences such as the Bloody Beetroots, Boys Noize and The Toxic Avenger, the duo from Bastia in Francewere bound to be something i liked. First established in early 2006, they have been played by the likes of Les Petits Pilous, The Bloody Beetroots, The Toxic Avenger and more. FCKN Crew consist of Nils and Antonie, and their live sets offer an unstoppable force of dance mayhem.


There album ‘Class of Nukem High’ is out now on itunes

Here‘s a minimix of the album


Carnage (Toxic Avenger Guilty remix)
Woin Woin
Crack Hangover (vocal)
Carnage (Deadbots remix)
Acid Bach
Unkle Funky

a video of ‘Carnage’ by ‘The Frenzy Hippies’

and another track Beatniks

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