Mustard Pimp

Mustard Pimp is the bastard love child of French production duo Baron and eKa. In the late 90’s, Baron was introduced to his first love, acid and techno music. Just going to raves and clubs wasn’t enough, so Baron took his love to the next progression and started DJing. While Baron was getting serious with DJing, eKa was planted his musical roots in the burgeoning French Metal scene. EKa, who had been playing guitar since a he was a child was the lead guitarist in his band as well the producer. While focusing on the bands production, he began diversifying his musical tastes with jungle and experimental rock. A good friend of Baron’s happened to be the other guitarist in eKa’s metal band, and in 2006 the two met at one of eKa’s shows. In the spring of 2007, the two embarked on creating music together and Mustard Pimp was born. The two began working on original productions and remixes immediately. “A lot of my influence came from music I listened to when I was younger. The Prodigy and heavy bands like Sodom have always been a big influence”, says Baron. Mustard Pimp’s debut single “Oh La La Satan”, released under Crux Records in the fall of 2008, received widespread support and notoriety throughout the electronic music community. A month later the duo released their second single “Raging Blood” under Idiot House Records.

Early on Mustard Pimp received overwhelming support from DJs and Producers including The Crookers, Dada Life, Steve Aoki, Shinichi Osawa, Designer Drugs, Steed Lord, A1 Bassline, and Bryan Cox. That list has continued to grow, and garnered a worldwide following from DJ’s, producers, and fans alike. “Sometime in the summer of 2009, eKa and I realized our hobby was getting serious,” says Baron, “We were DJing all over France and Europe and were getting offers to play in The United States and Asia.” the duo quit their “real” jobs at this point to focus full time on Mustard Pimp and the revolt began. Early in 2009, they released their third EP “RER” which was subsequently followed that summer with two monster singles, “Cherry” and “Kiwi” under Steve Aoki’s tastemaking label Dim Mak Records. Later that year, the two released a 12-hour mixtape to the web dubbed “Hercules Mixtape”. To top it off, they doubled the number and did it again in January of 2010 with a 24-hour mixtape called the “Jack Bauer Mixtape”, which became a global hit on Hypem and blogs all over. After 25 mixtapes and over 150,000 downloads, 1,000,000 views on Myspace, Mustard Pimp released their first EP with Dim Mak Records, “Rock Paper Scissors”, on June 15th 2010.

The French duo continue their touring all over the globe leaving a wake of dance floor destruction in their path. Baron speaking on this new powering sound that they are helping to pioneer said, “We’ve been bringing our live sets up to 140 BPM and we’d like to keep it that way. EKa and I are also beginning to take a serious stab at a hybrid of acid, techno, and break beat tracks”, says Baron, “In ten years we hope to have paved the way for other artists with sounds people won’t expect.” 2011 expects to bring a full length record with many unexpected cameos and collaboration from the dance, rock, and hip hop worlds, as well as a full live show. One thing you can always expect out of Mustard Pimp is lots of sweat, and maybe even a little blood on the dance floor.

Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 1 by mustard pimp

1)Hot Pink Delorean & Cassette Jam – Move It
2)A.G. Trio – Bass Effect (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
3)Cassette Jam Feat. Lego Johnson – Hey Homo (Doorly Remix)
4)Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Elektropusher Remix)
5)Teenage Mutants – Africa…Boombasa! (Stupid Fresh Remix)
6)Mumdance & Brodinski – Eurostarr (Keith & Supabeatz Remix)
7)Late Of The Pier – Best In Class (Soulwax Remix)
8)Chemical Brothers – Horse Power
9)Geht’s Noch? – Body Jack
10)Light Year – Sex Education
11)Adam Tensta – Dopeboy (Nick Thayer Remix)
12)Dani L Mebius & Billy The Kilt – Work This Pussy (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
13)Seductive – Take Control (Tom Stephan Remix)
14)Reset! – My Trunk
15)Don Diablo – Who’s Your Daddy (Black Noise Remix)
16)Hertz – A Voice Of My Own
17)Shinichi Osawa – Addicted To The Bassline
18)Dem Slackers – Let’s Go (Bart B More “Lesssgo” Remix)
19)Nom De Strip – Klap
20)A1 Bassline – Close To Me
21)Elite Force – The Law Of Life (The Loops OF Fury Remix)
22)Porter Robinson – Say My Name
23)Rabbit In The Moon – I’m Your Drug (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
24)Jaimie Fanatic – This Beat Is Ill
25)Deadbots- My Guitar (Baxen Remix)
26)Terror Dactel – Def
27)Access Denied – Trust Me
28)Udachi – (Deathface Remix)
29)Deathface – We Still Kill The Old Way
30)Booty Bronx – Yeah!!! (Ajapai Remix)
31)Terravita – Lockdown
32)Eddy Mitchell – Sur La Route De Memphis

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